If a stand is going to be used, it must be capable of holding 250 lbs or more. Open the machine door by moving the sliding lock lever (Right side of machine) all the way up. (You may have to slightly lift the door up or down in order to lock the lever all the way in the down position) -You will find that the coin change/service lamp that is normally attached to the top of the machine may have been removed and placed inside the machines coin hopper for shipping purposes. It attaches to the top of the machine with the 2 machine screws that are threaded into the candle. - You will need to open the door on the machine and remove the top glass in order to gain access to the under side where the candle mounts. You will find a white colored quick connect plug in the area behind the top glass that the lamp will plug into. Your jackpot reset key has been placed into the reset switch lock located on the left side of the machine. You will only use the reset key to reset the machines jackpot alarm when someone gets lucky enough to get a jackpot or when changing games. (Otherwise you will not need to turn this key)

You should notice that we left a coin in the coin comparator which is located in the door of the machine. This coin must remain in place or your machine will not accept coins and you will get a tilt error code or the coin will jam. You will also find the power cord inside the hopper. Route the power cord thru a small opening in the back/bottom right side and plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet. The power switch is just inside the door opening (Right side) - Thereís also a small white test switch located there. You donít need to touch that. Initially when the machine is powered on it will initialize a self test and the reels will spin up. Anytime the door is opened and closed it may or may not do the same reel spin test.

Try to keep the hopper full of coins at all times. If you cash the machine out and run out of coins before you run the credit counter down you will get a 3300 error on the display which is cleared by adding quarters to the hopper and closing the door again

The only maintenance you should experience are normal wear things like replacing burned out light bulbs and the occasional coin jam which is corrected by removing the jammed coin(s) in the coin comparator. Another common problem is the Bill Validator cash box is not inserted all the way or is misaligned which will cause your Bill Validator NOT to function. Be sure it is inserted squarely and pushed all the way in place.

The tilt codes that you will run into are reset and cleared by opening and closing the machine door. If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact us so we can help. Once again, we thank you for choosing us to make your purchase. - Should you have any questions regarding the setup of your machine, please give us a call at (602) 481-5831 and we will do our best to help you out over the telephone. Most problems can be resolved over the phone. The remaining problems could be caused by the machine being banged around while in transit and might require a replacement part be sent to you. This is very rare but it can and does happen. Don't panic! This is a casino slot machine and is very reliable.

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